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Eyeshadow Palettes Worth Having

As a makeup artist you really don't want to be carrying around a million and one single eyeshadows around with you, taking up space in your kit. And let's be honest, we don't always have the time to dedicate to depotting said shadows and they inevitably sit there, neglected and unused in the land of I'll Do It Tomorrow (or is that just me?).

Palettes, as we all know are great for having a selection of shadows that usually work together to create many different looks and they can be a great source of inspiration when planning or talking about different looks with a client.

But having loads of variety can really batter your purse and you will not always have the luxury of being able to try a thousand things before you find the right palettes to suit your client base.

So, I've taken some of the hard work out for you and comprised a list of my top 3 favourite brands that really deliver.

Sleek i-Divine

First up is the cheapest option on the list and that is Sleek. Sleek are a fantastic brand that

you can find in Superdrug, Sleek's own website, and they have recently launched in some larger Boots stores. This brand was originally developed with women of colour in mind so the pigmentation on every product truly is phenomenal. Each palette only costs £7.99 for 12 eyeshadows and they have a huge variety. Sleek have a brilliant matte formula that is creamy and really easily blended – something that is rare on the high street.

Because they are so pigmented and cheap, they are great for newly fledged makeup artists or anyone who doesn't want to fork out tens of pounds without having to compromise of quality. 

Some notable palettes to try are i-Divine Ultra Matte V1 & 2, The original palette (great for really colourful smokey eyes) and the Vintage Romance.

Price: £7.99  (

Urban Decay Naked Palettes 

This might seem like an obvious choice but they are an obvious choice for a reason and that biggest reason is their Naked line. While it might be a clich̩ to adore the Naked Palettes, they are a great base to begin building a neutral shadow collection. My advice would be to go for the Naked 2 because its taupe baseline makes it a lot more universally flattering than the Naked 1's warmer tones. And if you want to splash out, definitely pick up the Naked 3 as well. It's not going to suit everyone but if you have a big bridal client̬le or want that easy, ultra feminine romantic look Рthis is the palette to reach for.

Price: £37(

Inglot Freedom Palettes 

Inglot are one of my favourite brands for eyeshadows, they are cheaper than MAC, you get a lot more product than most brands AND they have nearly every colour, texture and finish under the sun. Their only downfall is the lack of “real world” availability. So if you're near Stirling or Aberdeen, jump in and check out their massive selection of shadows.

But that's not too big of an issue. Inglot are popular amongst the internet beauty communities and you can easily find swatches online to help pick which ones you want. Aye, you need to do more research and planning, but come on. You should be doing that anyway!

Inglot are great because while they offer palettes to put your new eyeshadows in, you don't need to purchase them. I keep mine in Z Palettes which can be found on love-makeup ( and are much easier and lighter to store than Inglot's offering.

Price: Square Eyeshadow £4.50 (

But where is the MAC I hear you cry? I deliberately left a firm favourite out because while I adore MAC and they offer an amazing selection of colours and finishes – I always reach for my Inglot, Sleek and Urban Decay more. But that's just my opinion!

Hopefully, this wee blogpost has helped someone out in the massive, raging sea of eyeshadow palettes. Of course there are many more that I could go on about but it would turn into a dissertation rather than an easily digestible post. And let's face it, no one wants that!

If you enjoyed reading my rambling, head over to Moondrop Title ( for more reviews, tutorials and in depth explanations of product types and ingredients. 

You can also find me twittering away to myself @moondroptitle

Holly xx


17th August/ Saturday/ 10am-2pm

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Graduate Success story, x Becks Macdougall

Since qualifying from the wonderful academy it has inspired me to
do something new in the industry.
I have now expanded my Becks Cosmetics business with service's
called the Freshen Up Tent and the Powder Room.
We provide music festivals, weddings, corporate events etc with a fantastic beauty team providing a range of treatments for event guests and also a luxury pamper tent where guests can get ready themselves with a range of our styling products and hair tools. On arrival to the powder room you are greeted by one of our hosts who provides you with a glass of Champaign and strawberry's, expensive perfumes and our powder room baskets full with top of the range hair and skin products.
Event guests love this as they can get ready in a relaxed private area in the midst of festival madness!
We recently did Rockness VIP arena and our service was a huge hit.
We are booked in for creamfields VIP arena and also another pitch providing Creamfields hospitality section with our team.
We continue to gain new exciting contacts in the event industry and
press from well known magazines and most excitingly recently appeared in vogue.
I really appreciate my time at the Academy as it gave me a hunger to
continue my career in the beauty industry and to think outside the box.
I also have the academy to thank for providing my business with great girls to work as part of my team as I am confident every time that because they have received quality teaching and will be highly skilled, this then reflects on my company name.

Attached is a couple of pictures of our service at rockiness for you to have a peak at! :)

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On this foundation course you will learn the skills you need to become a practising make-up artist for bridal, evening and beauty work. You will master the technical skills to create a beautiful, flawless and professional make-up application. We pride ourselves on giving you the best possible education by keeping our class sizes small and our training methods practical and Intensive. This course is accredited by the British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmologists B.A.B.T.A.C
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We set a Editorial competition to see if our Graduates could create an editorial story of four images or more and the best story would be announced on Facebook. The standard was so high we wanted to show you a few of the best entries plus the winner susie bloice 

Angela Stewart Make-up artist Graduate 

Eren Saygilier Make-up and Hair Graduate 

Laura Cameron Make-up artist Graduate 
Susie Bloice competition winner 

Reasons to love being a Session Hair Stylist!

A few weeks ago we put together what turned out to be a really popular blogpost including quotes from super talented makeup artists, telling us what it is about their job they love the most! So, we decided to do a similar post for session hair stylists! We spoke to two seriously talented session hair stylists and asked them for some advice on making it in the industry, and what it is about the job they love the most!

Session hair styling is an art form all of its own - the amazing looks you see in fashion magazine shoots and on the catwalk are created by session hair stylists and it is an incredibly creative environment to work in.

Ben Cooke has won UK Session Stylist of the year, and is signed with Frank Agency in London. He has worked on catwalk shows across the globe, taught at The Session School in London and styled celebrities including Leona Lewis for the red carpet and shoots for the likes of Vogue. Jennie Roberts, who has also taught at The Session School, is another sought after, London based stylist. Signed with Stella Creative Artists, Jennie's amazing talent has seen her work with some very famous faces including Ryan Reynolds, Emma Watson and Javier Bardem. These two are experts in their field, and we couldn't be happier that they have given us a few words of wisdom!

Ben Cooke:

''I've been hairdressing for 27 years now (obvs started when I was 5!) and still love it!
There are many different paths you can take in this industry and one can very easily lead to another. The path can also change direction very quickly too.

I started in salon and naturally progressed through the system, taught and then moved into session work. This may not suit everyone but I always felt the urge to push myself and try different things. I've now been freelance for 17 years.

The session styling side of hairdressing is very different from salon work! Every day can be a completely different team and even a different country. You need to build a team spirit fast and obviously be a team player but still focused on your role. I love meeting meeting new people and travelling, so this side of the industry is perfect for me. It can be tricky to get into so remain focused,work hard and be positive and all good things come to those who wait and deserve it.''

Jennie Roberts:

''I trained at Vidal Sassoon, he was a massive influence on me from the age of 12 when I first discovered him - I was on a mission to work there! My Mum was also a big influence on my love of hair. She used to go to the top salons and really be into hair products, so my hair always looked fab as a child!

The best bit of my job has to be the diversity it brings. The different and varied people and locations... I've even met Nelson Mandela with The Spice Girls - that was amazing!

I love editorial shoots for the creative input you can give. The Red Carpet is another favourite. The pressure is on, as the pictures are on the internet immediately for all to see and judge, so it's got to be spot on!

Teaching is also one of my passions. I believe all creatives should give their craft back to future generations to keep the cycle going. I've had several hairdressing courses I've written accredited by HABIA, which was another personal achievement.''

Thanks so much to the incredible Ben and Jennie for their quotes! Click on their names for some amazing examples of their work.

Hope this post has given any aspiring hair stylists a push to keep following their dreams! Check out all of our hair and makeup courses on our website here!

The Academy of Makeup Team x

This blogpost was put together by social media consultant Lynsey Macdonald, on behalf of the Academy of Makeup - @lynseymac1 on twitter.